Easy Peasy Feel-Better Fudge

(100% Annie-certified deliciousness)


May I present this gif in feline form.

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Calm-The-Flipping-Heck-Down Chocolate Chunk Cookies

(Or more accurately, “Cookie Chunk Chocolates”. My cookie:chocolate ratio is a tad skewed).

13023509_10153944114606154_1598599681_n - CopyHello again folks! Today’s long-winded title was inspired by a very, VERY flustered Francesca this morning. Why? Because I went to a job interview. An actual, real, legit job interview, for an actual, real, legit job. And if it wasn’t for my downright darling cat, I would have missed it. I slept through my alarm, as usual, but her insistent scratching on my door eventually woke me up exactly 25 minutes before I had to be on the other side of town. I made it to the interview, tried to pretend I hadn’t literally just got out of bed (messy hair is fashionable these days, right? Right?!), fluffed my way through it, then came home to mix my shattered nerves into cookie batter and subject them to extreme heat in the hopes that they would bugger off. Aaaaand they kinda did. Once you’ve eaten seven cookies in a row there isn’t a lot of room leftover for post-interview jitters. And thus, “Calm-The-Flipping-Heck-Down Chocolate Chunk Cookies” were born. Continue reading

Cheer-Me-Up Chocolate & Caramel Slice



Don’t even think about it Peter. I’m watching you.

Hello again my dears. I hope your day has been splendid so far!

For me, it was one of those days where I woke up in the doldrums and couldn’t drag myself out. As I mentioned in a previous post, baking is one of my favourite ways to distract myself when I’m feeling this way. Even if it doesn’t necessarily make me feel better, I at least have something delicious at the end of it, and it gives me a tiny speckle of satisfaction that I did one productive thing during my day. The recipe I’m going to share with you today is my all-time favourite treat to bake. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading