The Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you so much QuirkyVictorian for the nomination and for giving me something to write about today! People, if you’re not already following her blog, you’re missing out. (Over)Analysing Literature was the very first blog I followed and I’m so glad I did. Chloe’s writing is creative, engaging, honest, often hilarious and always interesting – go check her out! Continue reading


Sunday Night Scribble

13140492_10153981875111154_684462076_nHello again my dears! I thought I’d do something new and make Sunday a day for sharing my (extremely basic) doodles – and for you to share yours if you feel so inclined! Today is Mother’s Day in New Zealand, and my mum and I spent the afternoon dabbling in watercolour paints, trying to be artists. “Trying” is the key word here – the reality of the situation was that I somehow failed to make purple by mixing blue and red. I mixed and mixed and mixed and ended up with a sludgy, brown slop. I legitimately can’t even manage basic primary colour mixing. A four-year-old would have done a better job. Continue reading

Mood Music

Hey guys! I’m trying to write a bit more often on here because I tend to get a little rusty on ideas when I only post once or twice a week. The daily prompt is proving very useful to me for this purpose! Today’s prompt is Music so I thought I would share a little list of some of my favourite songs. Music is such a powerful and therapeutic tool for mental health, and I find that it can lift my mood faster than anything else. When I find myself in a slump, often the most helpful thing I can do for myself is put some music on and sing along (if you can call my screeching “singing”).


This is what I look like when I sing. Audrey gets me. Image source: Blogspot

So without further ado, here are some of my absolute favourite songs to blast at full volume. (A warning: I have EXTREMELY antiquated taste in music. Most of the songs listed are not from this decade… read on if you can bear it!) Continue reading

The Fault In Our Scars

13115613_10153966670146154_1795868006_nToday’s daily prompt, Scars, has come at the perfect time for me. I’ve been worrying a lot lately that my writing takes mental health troubles too lightly. That people may resent me for trying to make my posts more cheerful than they should be. A very vain and insecure part of me also worries that people won’t believe me when I say I’m depressed, because I can never seem to convey it in my writing. With that in mind, I feel compelled to explain why I choose to keep a lighthearted feel to my blog, even while discussing something as big and black and slow and soul-destroying as depression. I want to talk a little about the thousands of scars, visible and invisible, that cover my body and yours. I want to talk about what those scars mean to me. Continue reading