A Week of News & Buckets of Gratitude!

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You are all the sunshine in my day!

Hey my lovelies! I’ve been a bit of a WordPress slacker this week, so I’m sorry for taking so long to respond to your lovely comments and catch up on all your wonderful posts!

Three things have happened this week which have contributed to my AWOL-ness (hey, it’s a word. Shush.), so I thought I’d share them with you here. This is a pretty random post but I just want to give an explanation so you don’t think I’ve been ignoring you! There’s someone I’d like to personally thank at the end of this post, so be sure to check that out.

1. I turned 23! So yesterday was my birthday, and if you read this post  then you’ll know I wasn’t feeling too thrilled about the whole celebration palaver. I felt pretty miserable when I woke up, and had a foggy sadness around me all day, but it was actually a whole lot more manageable than I had anticipated. I didn’t cry (massive achievement!), and I managed to employ some of the strategies I have learned with my therapist to cope with the negative feelings. My birthday will never be my favourite day of the year, but I was really relieved with how much my mood surrounding it has improved compared to last year.

2. I started a tap dance class! I don’t know what possessed me to think I was capable of ANY type of dance, let alone one that requires so much co-ordination and rhythm. It is a well known fact among my friends and family that I am an extraordinarily clumsy person. A few months ago I walked straight into a telephone pole in Edinburgh, then apologised to the pole, then was so confused from the whack on the head that I wandered off and got completely lost in the snow. A few weeks before that I had been strolling through London with a friend, admiring the Christmas lights, when I slammed straight into a man’s chest. Instead of just being a normal human and apologising, I panicked and decided that the best solution would be to turn the collision into a HUG. I just hugged a complete stranger on the street. So yeah, I guess you could say “Grace” is my middle name.


Oh wait, Grace IS my middle name. Thanks for the cruel joke, parents.

Anyway, my point is, the idea of ME doing tap dancing is hilarious. Nevertheless, I merrily signed up for a six week course, thinking I would achieve Gene-Kelly-like levels of skill in a matter of minutes.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t. I could barely balance on one foot, let alone actually follow the steps that every other pupil seemed to instantly master. But I did have a wonderful time, so I am going to continue to embarrass myself for a further five weeks and see what happens. Watch this space!

3. I GOT A JOB! I have been unable to work for the past six months, because my mental health has been pretty terrible. So this is kind of a huge deal for me. I was beyond terrified at the interview: my anxiety was through the roof and I thought I would cry at any second, but somehow I muddled through and got the job. So I am now a full time barista at the zoo!  Here are some of my new colleagues 🙂


This handsome lad is Zulu, one of my larger colleagues


This elegant beauty is my new friend Zahara


Sasa the sun bear is a little shy, but so sweet


Brothers Jambi and Eko are best buddies


And now, for the point of this post: I want to thank everyone who has ever read/left a comment on this blog, because I truly feel that connecting with you has helped me reach a place where I feel I can work/participate in life again. My mental health has improved so much since meeting you all, and I can’t put into words how much I appreciate and value your friendship and empathy. I genuinely don’t think I could have improved so much without your contribution, and I am eternally grateful to you! You guys are the actual best. For real. Please know what a massive difference you have made to my life, if ever you’re feeling like you haven’t achieved anything! You have changed a life, and that’s kind of a BIG DEAL. ❤ ❤ ❤
All my love and thanks for reading,



16 thoughts on “A Week of News & Buckets of Gratitude!

  1. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. First of all, the tap dancing thing made me laugh so much, you’re hilarious, okay? Second of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE JOB! What a fun job it must be! Last and most important, I’m so happy that blogging has helped you. I know that your blog helps me. Your posts always cheer me up and brighten my day, and I really need that right now. Been having a difficult time. You’re such a ray of sunshine, Francesca. Thank you. ❤

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    • Thank you so much Chloe! I truly mean it when I say I couldn’t have gone back to work without you and my other followers The blogging community has been such a wonderful support system to me. I wish I made a blog years ago! Hahaha and oh man, honestly, you do NOT want to see my tap dancing. I look like a diseased penguin who wandered into a graceful herd of gazelles and had a seizure 😛

      I’m really sad to hear that you’re having such a difficult time, and I’m sorry if this post seemed like I was gloating about my recent improvement! I hope you know that I’m here for you any time if you want a friend to chat to. I can’t say I know how you feel as everyone is different, but I do know that life can be a reeeeal cow sometimes. And even if life is going great, our minds/bodies don’t always see it that way. I am here for you 100% if you need to vent! Thank you for your lovely comment, you are truly a blessing ❤

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      • Not gloating even a little bit! On the contrary, hearing about someone’s improvement is inspiring. It’s funny because hearing someone talk about their mental health is generally a positive experience for me. If they’re not doing well, then listening and empathising with that can make me feel better. And if they are, then it’s like “I’m so happy for them, and obviously there’s hope!” Anyway, thank you so much for being here and offering to listen and just being a really amazing individual. It really means a lot.


  2. Congrats on all those achievements! You rock!
    Your clumsiness seems adorable. xD I, on the other hand, am so very awkward. (But yes, I’ve been there. Just the other day I was in class and I accidentally hit my elbow on the desk. I petted the desk and apologized to it. Good game, self. Everyone stared at me as if I came from an entirely different world. And they weren’t quite wrong either.)
    Waah, your new friends look like fun! Nice pictures, by the way! 😀

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  3. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE JOB! I haven’t known you for a long time, but I’m so so proud of you. I wish you all the best with the job! It sounds so so fun. I’m so jealous that you’ve been going to tap dance classes! I’m honestly SO clumsy, and I have terrible co-ordination and rhythm, so I’d fail miserably at that. As long as you enjoy it, I’m looking forward to regular updates 🙂

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    • Thank you so so much Fatima!!! That is so kind of you to say, I appreciate your support so much! I’m sorry I took so long to reply to your comment – I didn’t realise how much time this job was going to take up haha! I don’t know how everyone seems to be able to run a blog whilst also working, it seems to take me forever to get around to anything now! Anyway, thank you so much again for your lovely supportive words!

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      • Aw, I completely understand! I’m not working at the moment, but blogging still takes up so much of my time. I’m barely able to write as much as I’d like to anymore. Obviously, your job is more important so you shouldn’t don’t feel pressurised to reply really quickly. As long as you don’t leave you for tooo long haha


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