An Anecdotal Apology


Even this snail is appalled by my slowness.

My dearest dears. I owe so many of you an apology, because I have just been reading through all of my posts (modest, I know), and realised how many comments I haven’t replied to. I am so mad at myself and I feel so ungrateful, considering that you’ve taken the time from your day to comment on my waffling! I have called this post “anecdotal apology” because I do soooort of have a reason for this… not an excuse, just an amusing habit of mine that I thought I would share in the hope it makes you hate me a bit less.

So the thing is, I often do things in the middle of the night that I have NO recollection of the next day. The most notable example of this was a few years ago. I went to bed, in my pajamas (duh), with the windows and curtains closed (duh), the lights switched off (duh), and my cat asleep on my bed (also duh. She gets the entire bed every night while I lie shivering on the very edge. Spoiled creature). Imagine my surprise then, when I woke the next morning in jeans and a t-shirt, bed fully made, with all 3 windows in my room wide open, all 4 lights switched on, all curtains drawn, and with Annie nowhere to be seen. I searched the house for her because it was unlike her to not come when called, and I eventually found her locked in my wardrobe, meowing her little head off. And by locked, I mean literally locked. I had one of those old-fashioned Narnia wardrobes that locked with a key, and somehow sleep-me had managed to dig the key out of my desk and successfully trap her for the night. I can definitely say this was the most freaked out I’ve ever been!

Although that experience of sleep-shenanigans was certainly my weirdest, I am also prone to semi-waking at odd hours of the night for a drink of water or to re-make my tangled bed (my mum has always described my sleeping style as an “egg beater”. Go figure). At such times as these, I usually check the time on my iPad, and in doing so see all the WordPress notifications that have come while I slept. I then fall back to sleep, and by morning I have completely forgotten I had notifications at all. More than once, I have been disappointed in the lack of activity on my blog, only to remember that I wiped all the notifications at 4am. So this evening, while perusing my old posts, I was genuinely shocked to discover some comments that I had NO idea were there!

I have therefore decided to blame incompetent Sleep-Francesca for my negligence. I love all of you and it makes my day when you comment, so I’m very sorry if your comments have ever gone unnoticed. From now on I am going to check my notifications every morning just in case my dozy self happens to wipe them again!


Uh oh. You’re still mad, aren’t you? I reallllllly hope this picture of a little friend of mine helps you to forgive me. Look, I’m even holding her out to you as a peace offering.


Focus on my snuffly nose and scrunchy ears, and repeat after me: “I am no longer mad at Francesca. I am no longer mad at Francesca. I am no longer mad at Francesca”….

Seriously though guys, I am sorry for everyone who has taken the time to comment and had silence in response. I am going to be much better from now on! I’ve said it before, but just in case you need telling today, my world is better for having you in it and I can’t thank you enough for the kind words you send my way.

All my love,



2 thoughts on “An Anecdotal Apology

  1. If this is read by Sleep-Francesca, please go back to sleep safely. If this is read by non-sleep Francesca, good morning. It’s really sweet that you want to appreciate your commentors more. I always love your posts and I don’t know how but each one is better than the last. Keep up the amazing work!

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    • Haha thank you so much! Sure enough, I apparently already checked my notifications in my sleep, because when I checked this morning there were none 😛 I woke up with an extra blanket that I don’t remember going to get, so I guess I checked them then. Weird. Thank you for your lovely comment! It means a lot to me! 🙂


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