Sunday Night Scribble

13140492_10153981875111154_684462076_nHello again my dears! I thought I’d do something new and make Sunday a day for sharing my (extremely basic) doodles – and for you to share yours if you feel so inclined! Today is Mother’s Day in New Zealand, and my mum and I spent the afternoon dabbling in watercolour paints, trying to be artists. “Trying” is the key word here – the reality of the situation was that I somehow failed to make purple by mixing blue and red. I mixed and mixed and mixed and ended up with a sludgy, brown slop. I legitimately can’t even manage basic primary colour mixing. A four-year-old would have done a better job.

ANYWAY, you know how the old saying goes… “when life hands you sludgy, muddy, several-lightyears-away-from-purple slop, make it into hair”, so I did. I took my brown mess and shoved it on top of this poor child’s head. She seems okay with it though so I don’t feel too guilty. The child in question is the star of my theoretical children’s book. Don’t worry, I am NOT planning to illustrate it myself… this doodle was just a brainstorm. You can quit panicking now. I can’t tell you her name, but I’ll tell you her initials are LDWJ… ooooh… leave your guesses below and I’ll give you a bajillion dollars and a batch of cupcakes if you get it right. Cross my heart.

This little girl appeared fully formed in a dream one night, and when I woke up I immediately knew I would write a story about her. Being the procrastination extraordinaire that I am, it has taken me approximately five years to write three sentences. At my current rate of progress I predict it will be ready for release sometime around the middle of 2093 – get excited guys!

Well gee whiz, this is a ridiculously long ramble for a ridiculously basic picture. You have the patience of a saint if you’ve read this far. If anyone has any amazing name suggestions for LDWJ’s cat sidekick, I’d love to hear them! If I pick your suggestion and you’re still alive in 2093 I’ll dedicate the book to you.

All my love and thanks for reading my Sunday night waffling,



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