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Hey guys! I’m trying to write a bit more often on here because I tend to get a little rusty on ideas when I only post once or twice a week. The daily prompt is proving very useful to me for this purpose! Today’s prompt is Music so I thought I would share a little list of some of my favourite songs. Music is such a powerful and therapeutic tool for mental health, and I find that it can lift my mood faster than anything else. When I find myself in a slump, often the most helpful thing I can do for myself is put some music on and sing along (if you can call my screeching “singing”).


This is what I look like when I sing. Audrey gets me. Image source: Blogspot

So without further ado, here are some of my absolute favourite songs to blast at full volume. (A warning: I have EXTREMELY antiquated taste in music. Most of the songs listed are not from this decade… read on if you can bear it!)

Upbeat Songs:

Slower, Quieter Songs:

Disney/Broadway/West End/Show Tunes (a.k.a Songs Heartily Recommended to Perk Up Mundane Household Tasks) – my personal favourite category.

In case you’re not already aware, I LOVE musical theatre. If I could actually sing/dance/act without fainting/tripping/crying, I would do it 24/7. Big musical numbers energise me so much, and I like to listen to these types of songs when I’m doing something exceptionally boring. I particularly love blasting these songs while I vacuum, because I can shout the lyrics as loud as I like but no-one can judge me because the hoover drowns me out.

  • Summer in Ohio – The Last 5 Years. This is a very recent discovery for me, and I’m loving it. I’m not sure who originally sang it but I adore this Anna Kendrick version.
  • Wouldn’t It Be Loverly – My Fair Lady. Bonus points for singing it in an abso-bloomin’-lutely marvelous Cockney accent.
  • Belle – Beauty and the BeastBonus points for a French accent and for singing every part.
  • While we’re talking Disney, I’ll Make A Man Out of You – Mulan.
  • Literally ANYTHING from The Phantom of the Opera. I can’t pick one. But for the purpose of linking you to one I shall choooooose…. this one!
  • Toucha Touch Me – The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Note to future self: do NOT start absent-mindedly singing “toucha-toucha-toucha-touch meeee, I wanna be dirrrrty” while working with small children. They WILL ask you what you’re singing about, and you WILL have to tell them that you are singing about splashing in mud puddles. Not that this has happened before or anything.
  • You’re the One That I Want – Grease. Even more fun when there’s someone else to sing it with.
  • Hello! – The Book of Mormon. Loads of fun to sing along to!
  • Tonight – West Side Story. When I was in highschool, I played the trumpet in the orchestra for this show. During this number, one of the actors overestimated how far he need to jump and literally threw himself into the orchestra pit. Luckily the audience thought it was choreographed and burst into applause 😛
  • The Laendler – The Sound of Music. This is just an instrumental piece, but the actual scene is one of the most beautiful pieces of cinema I’ve ever seen. Just look at it! Also every other song from this musical. They’re all amazing.

Image source: Fanpop

So there you have it! A very dated selection of some songs that never fail to make me smile. I love discovering new music so please feel free to suggest your favourites! I hope you get some enjoyment out of these, or at least some enjoyment out of laughing at my ridiculous music taste.

All my love and thanks for reading,




5 thoughts on “Mood Music

    • Yessss I love Rent! I wanted to make the musical theatre list so much longer to include everything I love, but I restrained myself. Maybe I shouldn’t have! My favourite Rent song is “I Should Tell You”, but I love all of them. And I’ve never seen Wicked (top of the bucket list), but I know a few of the songs and they’re so amazing! “For Good” is so beautiful, and “Popular” always makes me laugh. Thank you for commenting! Hope you’re having a lovely day xx


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