What’s Your Personality Type?


In the picture above we see Annie displaying the very rare BGPLMTSITGFBIP personality type (“Be gone, peasant. Leave me to sit in this glorious fruit bowl in peace”). This is the most feared and respected of all personality types.

Hey guys! I have a random activity for you to do today if you feel so inclined!

I’ve just taken the 16 Personalities Test  (also known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), which is probably the most popular test to determine what kind of person you are.

The test is a short questionnaire where you answer “agree” or “disagree” (on a sliding scale) to a number of statements.

It gives you a four-letter result based on four key areas of personality which are:

I/E: Introvert vs. Extrovert

N/S: iNtuition vs. Sensing

F/T: Feeling vs. Thinking

J/P: Judging vs. Perceiving

There are sixteen possible combinations, which define the sixteen different personality types. My result is INFJ (Introvert, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging). The personality type attached to this result is “The Advocate”*, and on the website I can read a detailed profile of this type. It gives insight into my strengths and weaknesses (just in case I didn’t already know that only talking to cats at parties is a weakness), romantic relationships (hahahahaaaa. What a hilarious notion), and possible career paths (just in case I didn’t already know that “Francesca D, esq. Professional ramen-noodle-taster,  Netflix Surveillance Supervisor and resident cat-whisperer” isn’t a viable career choice. I guess one of these days I’ll have to take it off my resume. Ugh).

On a more serious note, the reading material about my personality type actually made me feel a heck of a lot better about myself. My personality type is very sensitive, and “highly vulnerable to criticism and conflict.” I’ve always been told that I am too defensive – I have the word etched onto my brain in acid – so it feels like a relief to know that I’m not broken or wrong to be this way. Being aware of this defensiveness as a specific INFJ weakness somehow makes me forgive myself a little for being that way, and more inclined to notice when I am being overly prickly. I’m sure that this feeling of self-okayness (this is a scientific word) will be fleeting, because that bully Depression is yet to learn that snatching other people’s self-esteem is wrong. But I am going to hang on to the self-okayness for now and try to absorb it as much as I can.

So what type are you guys?! I’m being very nosy here. I am just so curious to know what everyone else gets as their result! There is no such thing as a bad outcome – all the personality types have particular strengths and weaknesses – so don’t be embarrassed! I would love if you would share your result in the comments but even if you don’t, take the test just for fun 🙂

Anyway, thought I’d share that wee find with you guys, just in case you have five minutes to spare and wanna find out more about yourself!

Hope you’re all having a lovely day/night wherever you are,

All my love,


*While I was proofreading this post, I thought I saw “avocado” and became irrationally excited. And now I’m hungry for avocado on toast. And I don’t have any avocado. Damn you, past Francesca, for putting ideas in my head!


15 thoughts on “What’s Your Personality Type?

  1. So I’m an INFP. You’re right. Reading my strengths and weaknesses did make me feel a lot better about myself for some reason. I’d heard of this test for a while but thank you for finally convincing me to do it.

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    • So we are very similar then! It’s really interesting reading isn’t it? I have a theory that a lot of bloggers will be introverts because it’s a way of being social without having to go to wild parties/be “on” all the time… I know that’s part of the appeal for me! Reminds me of those posters that say “Introverts, Unite! (separately, in your own homes)” 😛 What do you reckon? Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad you took some comfort from reading more about your personality type 🙂

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  2. I love the Meyer’s Briggs test! I use it for writing all the time. My type is INTJ. I remember when I first took the test and started reading about INTJs, and I was so excited because I felt like I finally understood myself. I think everyone should take this test, honestly. It’s nice to know your strengths and weaknesses. 🙂

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    • Oh that’s really interesting, do you use it when you’re creating characters? I’ve never thought of that! We have super similar types, in fact everyone who has commented so far has been IN** which is quite interesting. I just commented above to fluffychinchilla that I think maybe more bloggers are introverted than extroverted? I know blogging appeals to me partly because it’s a way to widen my social circle without having to go to parties/large gatherings all the time. I can’t exactly say that the 4 introverts commenting on this post provide a conclusive result to that theory haha, but I do wonder. Thanks for commenting Chloe! Have a wonderful day ❤

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      • I do, yes. I’ve got a chart with all the types and some basic traits taped up to the wall in front of my desk. It really helps me keep my characters consistent and also figure out their strengths and weaknesses, and how they would react in situations. Your theory makes a lot of sense to me! It would be an interesting thing to research. I hope you have a wonderful day as well!


  3. I got INFP-T which describes me as 90% introverted about 50% observant and 50% intuitive, and that I am more of a feeler than a thinker. I was reading and going “omg this is me all the way” but then when i got to the list of fictional characters with INFP-T as well and read Anne of Green Gables i really felt this was my correct personality type.

    this was so interesting, thank you! and spot on! 🙂

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    • It’s scary how accurate it is, right?! Although when asked to pick a fictional character with the same personality as me, I can’t say “Jon Snow from GoT” would have been my first answer 😛 But I’m ok with that! We have very similar types, just differing in the judging vs. perceiving part. I really like how there’s no “better” option, they all have such different strengths and weaknesses. I’m glad you found it interesting, and thanks for commenting! x

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      • Pleased to meet you! And I agree with your post; ever since I first read up on Myers-Briggs, understanding my own “INFJ-ness” has been enormously beneficial to me. I still remember the first time reading that description, and just being blown away by actually seeing myself in it!


        • Yes, it has been so eye-opening! I have always felt sad about the fact that I have less friends than my siblings do, and taken it to mean that I am not as likeable or as fun as they are. Finding out about my personality type has made me feel so much better, now that I know it is common for INFJs to “end up with just a few true friendships, built on a richness of mutual understanding that forges an indelible link between them.” I feel much more at peace with my small amount of true friends, and far less pressured to seek out new friends all the time. (In saying that, however, you have an INFJ friend any time 🙂 ) I’m going to try to track down some of your writing at my library, it sounds fascinating!

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  4. I’m also an infj! Learned about Myers briggs a year ago or so and it’s been very eye opening for me. My mom is the only other infj that I know well, so I always get super excited when I find other infjs being themselves! There aren’t very many of us. :]

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    • Yay, another INFJ! It’s so interesting isn’t it? My Dad is also the only other INFJ I know… not that my friends and family have all taken this test, but he’s the only one I know of for certain. Nice to meet you, you’re right we are a rare breed!

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