4 Fact Survey

Thanks so much for the tag Chloe! (QuirkyVictorian) 🙂 So I gather this is another way of connecting with other bloggers and learning a bit more about each other. Sounds good to me!

Four names people call me other than my real name:

  1. Fran: This is reallllly not my favourite name, but it’s the go-to abbreviation for people who don’t know that.
  2. Frankenstein: My charming brother.
  3. Frannigans (and her shenanigans): You have to say the whole thing apparently, just the name won’t do. Bestowed upon me by my barista buddies at an old café job.
  4. Friend-Jessica: A valiant and adorable attempt to pronounce “Francesca”, made by most of the children I have babysat/worked with. Close enough right!

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A Travel Guide for the Teary-Eyed: 4 Things I Learned While Travelling With Depression


As I mentioned in my first post, I was recently in Europe. In case you are not aware, New Zealand is rather far away from… well, anywhere, so most of us Kiwi folk are hard-wired to want to travel the world. In July 2015, after working three jobs to save up the airfare, I set off for London, with a two-year work visa in my hand and a spring in my step. Continue reading

“You Seem Fine To Me”: Why I Blog In Secret

While I have no qualms about sharing all the grim details of my mental health here, I am yet to tell a single person I know that this blog exists. When someone enters the room, I hurriedly minimise the WordPress window and pretend to be checking emails. I haven’t put a picture of myself in the “About Me” section for fear someone I know will come across this blog and expose me. The people who most need to know my secret are the people I conceal it from. Why is this the case? Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award: Pass It On!

TulipsThank you QuirkyVictorian for the nomination! From what I gather the purpose of this is just to meet and get to know other bloggers which, as a newbie, I am all for 🙂 I hope I’m doing this right, I’m a little unsure of how to link people’s names and things so we’ll see. Enjoy! Continue reading

A Small Monday Cyber-Hug


I haven’t got a lot to say today, but I just wanted to share my favourite poem with you. It’s by Michael Leunig. I love that it’s so small because I don’t have to worry about memorising it – it’s just always tucked away in my head if I need it. Hope it gives your brain a little hug! x


Iiiiiiit’s STORY TIME!

Right, today’s post is an OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION, get excited guys.

…Ok fine, it’s not official and it’s not an investigation, it’s just a question, but I wanted to sound important. I’m always very interested to hear stories from others about how and when they first became depressed, because it’s such a personal experience and can be wildly different from person to person. So I thought I’d share my experience here and look forward to hearing from some others! I don’t know about you, but I always feel so much better about my state of mind when Continue reading

The InvisiBully

I recently returned to New Zealand after seven months of living in London. The plan was to stay there for at least a year, perhaps two, but in the end something got in the way. I told everyone that this “something” was me running out of money. “Those bloody London rent prices! It’s daylight robbery, I tell ya” I would say, exasperated, as if I would still be frolicking about Oxford Circus right this second if London would only have the decency to make this affordable.

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